Shipping & Returns

We'll happily ship anywhere in the world, but delivery times will vary. We generally use Australia Post for both domestic and international destinations since they are quite cheap and deliver fairly fast. So far we have shipped to many countries including: 
  •  Australia 
  •  Belgium 
  •  Czech Republic 
  •  France 
  •  Germany 
  •  Ireland 
  •  Israel 
  •  Italy 
  •  Latvia 
  •  New Zealand 
  •  Singapore 
  •  South Africa* 
  •  Sweden 
  •  Switzerland
  •  United Kingdom 
  •  United States 
Delivery times within Australia are generally within 2 days of placing your order. 
Delivery to the USA takes approximately 7 days, and for other parts of the world it will vary. 
Our objective is to always ship within 24 hours. 
Shipping cost is calculated by the shopping cart software depending on a combination of the weight and destination, so a price can't be determined until you've put items in your cart and begun the checkout process. Just as a guideline, some typical shipping costs for various scenarios are as follows:
One or two items (eg: Helmet Hiders) shipped within Australia: AU$5.85. 
Four to six items shipped within Australia: AU$11.95. 
One or two items shipped to the US or Europe: AU$9.30. Four items shipped to the US or Europe: AU$21.30. 

*The only destination country we've had problems with so far is South Africa. With a package loss rate of about 50% we won't ship to South Africa anymore except by international courier with package tracking and insurance, so the base rate for all packages to ZA has now been set to $55. 
Sorry, but it's not worth our while shipping there any other way when so many packages just vanish with no explanation.